Playboy's Girl [Christian Collins]

Playboy's Girl [Christian Collins]

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"Jessica told me about your situation.." He said while looking at what I'm outlining

"What about it?" I asked him

" I know a certain job that has a huge salary.." He was now grinning..

I have a bad feeling about this..

"What is it?" I asked him.. I looked at him in the eyes.. I admit that I'm about to melt infront of him but I controlled myself

"It's simple.. Be my maid.. My personal maid.." He smirked

My eyes widened

"Hell no.." That was the answer that came out from my mouth..

"I thought you want to help your parents?" He said, still smirking

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My house also got burned down also on August 10 2017 n lost everything
Midnight_Savior Midnight_Savior Apr 12, 2016
I would have said yes..Bish it's being his maid you practically see him shirtless everyday or maybe even naked😏
kelly188 kelly188 May 24, 2016
Where does this dude live cause imma about to kidnap him and make him my teacher lol