Light in the Night Sky [Levi/Rivaille x OC] (Heavy Editing)

Light in the Night Sky [Levi/Rivaille x OC] (Heavy Editing)

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[Attack on Titan FanFiction]

Cocky bitch. 
That's how people would describe her, or at least it'd be something along the lines.
Meet Hazel Adler. Complete contrast to other typical girls her age. Admittedly, she never understood other girls and their bizarre interests. Like another feral cat thrown into a society of imperfect humans, a magnet of trouble and attentive stares.

She's reckless, rude and just doesn't give a damn of what others think of her. Not your classic goody-good character, eh?
Always loaded with written lines of sarcastic insults, she’s ready to put up a fight with anyone ... and everyone. 

Last thing to come to her mind was love, but she'll eventually be victimized to this 'force of nature' when Corporal Levi steps into the game himself.

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aki_marie88 aki_marie88 Jun 13, 2017
Lol I made out with someone under a picture of the Eiffel tower
nup_nup nup_nup Jun 29, 2017
Sure, I swear, LOADS, but no way in hell am I doing that in front of my mum
smutaesm smutaesm Jul 10, 2017
Well I'm not really a good person but I can pretend to be one. Good people are just bad people that never been caught.
                              (5sos reference but y'all know it's true)
-aezia -aezia Feb 02, 2017
ok but the song 'in the end'- by black veil brides fits this story so well im crying
Iheichouass2levi Iheichouass2levi Dec 11, 2016
Author-chan, I don't throw tomatoes-- I  throw butter knives.
saltyblackroses saltyblackroses Jan 28, 2017
I swear like a sailor in front of my teachers and they don't seem to care.