Wayward Siblings

Wayward Siblings

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This is me... By Tavia_Alaine Updated Feb 13, 2018

Claire Novak is a hunter, and a good one. But when she runs into a monster even she can't hunt she calls in Sam and Dean and gets a little bit more than she bargained for when Jack Kline tags along with them. She wonders about this adopted child of Castiel. Who is he?

Jack is lost. He has lost his father, his mother, and pretty much everyone since he was born. Sam and Dean have been the only constant, saving him from himself. But when he meets Claire, who is his age and Castiels vessels daughter. He wonders if maybe, he has found a kin. A sister.

Co-written by @AbbyStaffyIsGeek (Claire's POV) and me (Jack's POV)

Cover made by Drarry-destiel221b

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