The NOT so secret life of Bridget Kasey

The NOT so secret life of Bridget Kasey

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Welcome to Hunter Dean Estate College, one of Australia’s most prestigious institutions and home to the elite of the elite from all over the country. Where the youth are gorgeous, making friends is like breathing and the partying is crazier then gossip girl.

When seventeen-year-old Bridget Kasey is forced to leave behind her lavish life in the Sydney Hills, adapting to the uncivilized jungle that is HDE feels like a social death sentence. 

However this completely foreign social scene becomes a refuge from the constant drama that is her old life. But after years of living in a social bubble Bridget is about to learn that getting out is a lot harder than staying in.

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bridgiekk bridgiekk Jun 26, 2011
@ticktockstar haha i love thinking up funny lines. thanks for voting! @ACRL37 haha thank you and i loved ur story too!@XxArt_Not_WarxX @ElisaTheBookLover haha thank you guys!!!!!!!!!!! appreciate the votes!
renatawrites renatawrites Jun 25, 2011
Two thumbs up! :D Well written! My favorite part is the ".. i bet the sun shines out of his ass.." line LOL *voted! and will put this in my library!
ACRL37 ACRL37 Jun 24, 2011
This sounds amazing! It sounds like the type of published books I usually read haha, and I love that it's set in college. Great job! =) 
XxArt_Not_WarxX XxArt_Not_WarxX Jun 23, 2011
This story is amazing so far! I love how you describe things with so much detail :) can't wait to read more  
VenessaJinson VenessaJinson Jun 23, 2011
This was really good!! I like your writing style a lot!!
                              Great job!! I voted!! :)
- - Jun 23, 2011
I really like this. The way you wrote it was intriguing, and it made me want to read more. Your character is evolving well, and you seem to really have a way with words. I really enjoyed the first part when she was talking about the Hills. Great job, I voted!