Crossing Lines

Crossing Lines

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Harry couldn't tell you when he and Louis officially crossed the line between bandmates and lovers. They were always stuck at the hip, and it was an easy transition from best friends into boyfriends. 
Unfortunately, their management doesn't think so. Hungry for money, and determined to keep control, Modest! goes about separating the two boys, playing with the boys' feelings, and forcing a predetermined image down their throats.
A carefully planned attack, and a few simple words, is all it takes for Modest! to cross the line between an agency, and a dictator. 

Trigger Warnings: self-harm, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, a whole bunch of messed up bullshit

"It's been six months since Harry's talked to Louis, six days since he last caught a glimpse of him at a fundraiser. 
It's breaking him, not being able to talk to Louis... 
No, scratch that. 
He's already broken. "

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