Bad Boy Meets Good Girl (Harry Styles fanfic)

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kyraaxo By kyraaxo Updated 2 years ago
Harry Styles is the biggest popular guy at the school, every single girl wants him, and every guy wants to be his friend. Also, he is a major bad ass, from parties, to occasional drugs, and sex. 
    Katie Smith is a quiet girl who has had lots of bad events in her life. Her old bestfriend is now apart of the popular group leaving her defensless against them. But when Katie and Harry are forced to go on vacation together they become closer then they ever thought they would be, in more ways then one. Harry starts opening up to her and feeling more emotions then he has with anyone else. But, he still has to keep us his bad boy act at school and with his friends to keep his popular status at school.
    What happens when a bad boy falls for a good girl?
MY NAME!! YESS!!! GET IN THERE. GO KATIE... GO KATIE... !!!!! YAYYYYY *coughs hysterically* ASDFGHJKL
I've already  read this and it is my fav. next to dangerous. Omg its great. Hope you feel the love!
ugh Its weird to read about this dick Harry. but why not. it starts interesting(:
Hi I would love to make a cool cover for this book and to make a story popular change your title the title is too simple!!! Please I would love to help????
OMG! THIS IS AMAZING! THANK U FOR MAKING ME STAY TILL...........12:42@!lOL. THats kkay still vacation but this is truly awsome i love the story!!!!!
AHHAHA MY NAME'S KATIE!!! AND I ALSO LOVE HARRY!! (well, i love the other boys as well but harry has this bigger effect kn me, if y'know what i mean?) BUT YEAHHH BUDDIE! ;D