Free but Bound

Free but Bound

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Phoenix By meggiey7 Updated Mar 07, 2015

What would you do if you were home and somebody tried to kidnap you? Would you fight, or coward and let them control you.

This is the story of a girl named Rachel and how she gets kidnapped by none other then the Alpha of the Fire Moon pack. She is 18 and mostly lives alone. She has straight brown hair, her blue eyes change between bright blue and grey depending on the weather and her mood. She is a pale color, skinny and short for her age. She also has a deep secret, can she keep it from the Alpha?

Xaiver is the Alpha of the Fire Moon pack and proud of it. He has made it the strongest pack in the world only problem is that it is missing the touch of a woman or more specifically a Luna. Xaiver is 20 and has been looking for his mate for 4 years now. When he finds her, he can't stay away. He is tall, almost black hair, tan, well built and has green eyes.

Read more to find out.

Pg-13 is because there will be some strong language in this story. This is my first werewolf book so please...

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