When Grey Met Purple

When Grey Met Purple

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Krisha By murureddy94 Completed

A bond beyond friendship.

Cara McArthur is the perfect girl: has a happy family, great friends, gets top grades at school, plus being an all rounder, and has a wealthy lifestyle. 

Or what she feels is perfect. 
So what happens when she gets a blast from the past- in the form of Blade Delcan?

Having Blade coming back is not a big deal right? He's just another new kid on the block. So what happens when he brings his gang with him, and more prominently his secrets.

What happens when their two worlds collide. Can Cara accept who Blade is? Can she come to accept and face that the ever so uneventful human life she had, had become entangled in the realms of creatures she deemed not to exist?

This is her story.

  • love
  • passion
  • romance
  • werewolf
chector53 chector53 Apr 10, 2015
eyes  grey meet purple eyes super bikes are common interest. She loves them, he rides them.
murureddy94 murureddy94 Dec 12, 2011
                              Actually everything's changed quite a bit :) I've been editing my book silently. But thank you very much! Your comment just made my day!
Tysuna Tysuna Dec 12, 2011
Best book I've read on here so far, along with Obsidian (Is this advertising? If so, am I allowed to do it?) 5! * * * * *
murureddy94 murureddy94 Aug 21, 2011
@AngelWinget Thankyou so much. Hope you got to read the rest of my story too. Later!
AngelWinget AngelWinget Aug 13, 2011
Its a FAb man!!! Do tel me whne you Publish it.. wi b the first one to buy so! Its something which woud surely attract readers and dont et them go bored of reading and build a curiousness of, ""Whats Next?" Nice going buddy! Keep it up and do tell me if you ever need anything  yeah! :)
murureddy94 murureddy94 Jun 01, 2011
@ShreyasShanker Thanks mate. Yer, the Bugatti Veyron is my favourite car