Scared ✖ shawn mendes // incomplete

Scared ✖ shawn mendes // incomplete

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who am i? By parahahoy Updated Sep 06, 2015

she is scared.

he is her savior.

but she knows she'll loose him soon.

DISCLAIMER: sort of badly written at first and needs corrections so excuse my grammar if there is any problems. please and thank you ♡ also, I have stopped writing and I am very sorry ):

reallyhealy reallyhealy Jun 24, 2016
Depression, an emotion that makes you feel like everyone is telling us meaningful things outside a box, your in the box, the people who are telling you stuff you don't wanna hear are pushing the box, the box is becoming to be smaller, sooner or later you breakdown. It gets better.
sarah-grac3 sarah-grac3 Nov 16, 2016
I care about you main character, I care. now excuse me while I go cry 😭😭
If my work was to answer that I'd get a top grade, it would actually be easy
felicity1502 felicity1502 Nov 05, 2014
Yasss! Matt is supa dups awesome! He has ALWAYS been my number 1 fav
zyzy1434 zyzy1434 May 05, 2014
lol I was listening to comfortably numb by Pink Floyd when I read this