Speak Up: (Chandler Riggs)

Speak Up: (Chandler Riggs)

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i'm back By oliviariggs Updated Mar 23

Bridget Sawyer is a 16 year old girl who has been bullied and tormented for most of her life. Harming herself has become a daily life routine.

After the death of her mother, she moves to Georgia, leaving most of her family behind. She's stuck with her abusive father and little brother. 

Because of the bullying, Bridget has transferred to a lot of different schools. But this year, she's attending a school that's very different from the others she's been to. She meets new people, new challenges and of course, new boys. Specifically a boy named Chandler Riggs, the notorious bad-boy hottie at her school, which every girl, even some guys dream of having. 

Chandler catches Bridget's eye, and almost immediately has some sort of attraction to him. Will he make her stay welcoming, or ruin it for her completely?

- - Jun 04
That's pretty much what my brother says to me, except he swear a lot more and calls me a bitch all the time
Quinlyy Quinlyy Jul 07
I plan on becoming a mental health specialist/psychiatrist when I graduate so it's interesting to learn stuff about depression to me
I would have slapped him, like bitch say that again and I'll make sure u can't move for a week
I would say the same for you, but you do have a friend, it's called your hand
Am I the only one wondering how every one cuts in c.r fan fictions but they never die or bleed out
RealMyraJones RealMyraJones Nov 23, 2016
that is me. i was bullyed but never cut. im very sesitive now. thank chandler riggs i have friends