Make Me (Ludwig x Feliciano)

Make Me (Ludwig x Feliciano)

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STATUS - COMPLETED (There will be a sequel) 

Ten years after falling in love with Ludwig Beilshmidt in the senior year of high-school, Feliciano Vargas finds himself in a very uncomfortable position. He's neighbours with the German and his job brings him closer to Ludwig. But he doesn't remember him. Not really. 

Feliciano moved to Toronto for a new start. Now he is going through his past. Can he fall in love again or will he keep everyone at arms length? 

{Halo - Beyonce was chosen because a friend of mine told me it explained the story perfectly so that's why it's the video linked to the story. Please watch :) }

I don't own these characters - all rights to Hidekazu Himaruya
A/N: I do not own Hetalia or any of the characters. All credit to the creators and crew. ENJOY <3

Pheonix_Delilah Pheonix_Delilah Nov 06, 2016
Sekai ichi hatsukoi much... *weird fangirl noises intensifies*
Pheonix_Delilah Pheonix_Delilah Nov 06, 2016
Too intense! We can't handle it anymore! Right now we have no choice but to burst into tears! 😭😭
science60 science60 Jan 08
xXD0mini0n_0f_WhatXx xXD0mini0n_0f_WhatXx Dec 14, 2016
Woah well that was fast
                              (Dayum Luddy back at it again with the kissing of Italians)
Pheonix_Delilah Pheonix_Delilah Nov 06, 2016
Too soon! It's not even your wedding day yet! You didn't even ask me to be your maid of honour either!
Pheonix_Delilah Pheonix_Delilah Nov 06, 2016
Roses are red,
                              Violets are violet but for some reason are called blue,
                              He knows what he's doing, 
                              Because he kissed you.
                              And of course as always,
                              I know you liked it too.