Crimson Thread [Book 1]

Crimson Thread [Book 1]

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There are few things in life that Fuyu Kohana could confidently say she truly cares about. Orphaned and ostracized, one would think that she would be the last person to know what it means to possess the Will of Fire. However, as she embarks on a kunoichi's journey, she must face the demons and their tempests looming in the horizon. This is easier said than done because with every stride, she finds new people to protect to add to her list of two as she slowly steps into the cold shadows of a harrowing and remorseless world.

Disclaimer #1: I obviously do not own Naruto-- just my OCs and the different goings-on/conversations in this story.
Disclaimer #2: I do not own the image used for the cover of the story. No one knows its maker either, but all credit still goes to the person, but the edits are mine.

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meowlove23 meowlove23 Feb 06
Keep the update going💕 I know I could always read through, but I love the new chapters. Your writing has grown and matured so much!