Meant to Be

Meant to Be

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Some stories are like lone wolves. They have a direct plot, one story. This is not one of those stories. This is a collection of stories, all intertwined. Four girls. Four boys. One big tale. 

Lizzie is a very loud girl, and outspoken. She is a passionate one. As she finds her voice, she meets someone just like her. Chase is also outspoken in his ways, and passionate. It's like they're a perfect match.

Cerise is a quiet one and likes to be left alone. She has her secrets and has no intention of ever letting them out. But her secrets are no longer hers when she meets a man who's nothing like her, but can't keep away. Daring is starting to pay attention to her.

Kitty is a prankster; she loves playing jokes on people. It's her addiction. Sometimes, her pranks go too far. As she is on the verge of being expelled, she gets a tutor. Alistair wants to help Kitty straighten up, so the two can go their separate ways soon after. That doesn't go as planned.

Holly has many hopes and dreams. She's a really sweet girl, with good grades and wants nothing more than to focus on her work. Dexter wants the same, but that all that fails when it leads to feelings. Dexter has never gotten a grade less than an A, but Holly will change that.

(This is about my favorite of the characters from Ever After High living in the modern world.)