Three greedy Italians (three-shot)

Three greedy Italians (three-shot)

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Wolfy By Wolf_Fire_Ice Completed

This is a three shot story about three Italian brothers; Ricardo, Giovanni and Luca D'Antongiovanni. This means one story per brother. The stories usually start by the first born Ricardo, then comes Giovanni and ends with Luca. The story follows these three brothers through their troubles as they search for love.

This story will contain malexmale scenes such as kissing, touching and malexmale sex. 


  • brothers
  • gaylove
  • lgbt-themed
  • malexmale
_idk_candy _idk_candy Nov 19, 2017
I was chasing after this one guy for 10 years.... And then he left...
Crystal227 Crystal227 Feb 27, 2016
I'm frustrated right now...I'm mean Wilson had sex with all these different people even though he knew that Gio liked I mean I loved the kinky sex scene, but damn it Gio didn't deserve that pain! That is why I'm frustrated.  Other than that though, kinky sex scene was pretty awesome.
Funny. I read this book like, seven months ago and forgot all about it, then I stumbled across your other books and rediscovered this one.
IridielsMyBby IridielsMyBby Feb 29, 2016
For a second I was confused because Giovanni is a girl's name but then I remembered that these ppl are Italian and it's different XD XD somebody shoot me now throughout the whole book I'm going to be imagining a girl instead of a boy XD XD
AsuraCutiee AsuraCutiee Sep 15, 2016
Girl i've been chasin' mine since for almost 7 years but he already has a GF😢
LadyDrak1075 LadyDrak1075 Sep 16, 2015
Oh..........*blushin* WOW!!!  O.o  what started out nonconsensual  turned down right consensual and HOT as fvck!!!