Hush My Baby (BoyxBoy)

Hush My Baby (BoyxBoy)

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A day dreamer and a night thinker. By howlingwolf Completed

Meet twos guys who are completely different:

Drake is a fighter; a boxer. He's strong, smart and cocky.
Raven is a cuddly bear. He's sarcastic, loveable and funny. 

  When their paths cross, they can't seem to get enough of each other and before they know it, they find themselves falling in love. 
With Drake's cocky attitude and Raven's sarcastic side, will they ever be able to agree and get along? Or will they find themselves in a battle of witts, come backs and snide remarks?

  Opposites really do Attract...

_littledevil _littledevil Dec 07, 2016
And I say hell yeah, hell yeah, hell yeah fúcking right, fúcking right alright ✌👋
woah_penguins woah_penguins Nov 25, 2016
They're literally killing each do people enjoy watching this???
Babyellis13 Babyellis13 Dec 09, 2016
My uncle used to do this for a living, he won championships more than once! Now he teaches self defense classes lol he scares me 😳
perfectlyflawed--- perfectlyflawed--- Dec 20, 2016
Weak comeback,like my cat could've thought of  something better
Ruby I hope I see you, I've waited all this week
                              For you to walk my way, your soul will capture me
Am I the only one who finds it awkward when the characters are younger or in the same age as me? It's kinda turn off.. :/