worthy [thor] book 2

worthy [thor] book 2

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worthy [thor] book 2
A story of Thor Odinson.
A story of Khaleesi Kapoor.

"There are thousands of them where you're from. Millions! Why do you want me? Why do you keep coming here? I don't understand-"

The look on his face demanded her silence and made a shiver run down her spine.

Like a lion and deer. He took a step towards her and the pounding of his footsteps made her back up tensely.

"You insult me." He said in a heated yet composed tone.

"How so?" She scoffed.

"Because I could never want you Khaleesi." He spoke as if this was known. How could the King of Asgard care for some ordinary human girl?

She gulped feeling her cheek redden with humiliation. Her feet were backing away from him before her mind could even process how everything had escalated so quickly.

He grabbed onto her arm so that she couldn't even moved an inch further.

"You didn't let me finish-"

"What?" She barked feeling her throat clench up painfully.

"I don't want you; I need you."

There was another silence but this time there was a different tension in the air.

"Oh." She whispered.