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The Widow's Web

The Widow's Web

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knight4696 By knight4696 Updated Feb 15, 2011

Attracting Men Like Flies .. With The Nectar That Is You

knight4696 knight4696 Mar 02, 2011
@teardrops5  Thanks again Marie! :) I'm starting to look like an Indian .. My face is so red. lol! Damn you make me blush! lol! :) Thanks again! Ken
teardrops5 teardrops5 Feb 24, 2011
Ken have seen the black widow do the same and i wonder how many more there are we dont know about .YOu are amazing my friend i could read your work from dawn to dusk you are a gifted poet  Marie
knight4696 knight4696 Feb 18, 2011
lol!  Thanks Strongheart! :) Ya there seems to be an infestation of these arachnids. You wouldn't happen to know of a good exterminator, would you? lol! Thanks again my friend! :)  Ken  
knight4696 knight4696 Feb 18, 2011
lol .... Thanks so much Cotton :)   So, I see you too were bit huh?  Well,  even though we have suffered the widows bite .. we survived and have built up antibodies incase of another attack,  lol! :)  Thanks again Pal! :)  Ken
knight4696 knight4696 Feb 18, 2011
Thanks Stefy! :)  I'm happy you enjoyed. Much appreciated my friend! :)  Ken
Strongheart Strongheart Feb 16, 2011
Oh yeah  I love this !! How easy we can  become  woven into a web of  lies and deceit, then we get to be dinner  to top it off lol.