Love can't be forced, stop chasing.

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Smile_Always By Smile_Always Updated 3 years ago
What do you do when you are forced to stay with any person?
    What happens, when someone threaten you to stay with them?
    Emma is in that stage of her life, where she wants to just keep up with her family and friends, make  a better living until Jeff starts ruining things. 
    Makes her life suffocating.
It's is interesting :) even though it's short it's still good.
I really like this reflection type angle. It's intriguing because you don't mention what this horrible guy does specifically or what his name is. It's definitely got me curious :)
This is a very nice prologue. It's short and concise and gives us a very good idea as to your character's frame of mind. Good job :)
o.o sO Interesting. So many questions I want answered already and it's just a small section of writting. I really want to read on. One thing I'm not sure is ain't a word?