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Join Clara Stahlbum as she discovers the magic in the power of love, when her Godfather Drosselmeyer presents her with a special Christmas gift, a Nutcracker, who so happens to also be Drosselmeyer's long lost nephew.  Christmastime is not really about magic and miracles, (although the season seems to make us believe as such), but really, all Christmas is, a reminder of what we have done the past year, and what can we do to face another year full of challenges, and have the courage to look inside our hearts to live our lives to the fullest. 

The classic Story originally created by author,  E.T.A Hoffman, and soon transformed into what would be Tchaikovsky's greatest and most popular ballet of in the history of the arts. By now, the wonderful world of magic and fantasy has been adapted into many different translations, and this one is my own. 
This story of the Nutcracker is based in a more modern era, specifically the Edwardian time period, due to easier correlations for the readers, yet maintaining the classical intent of the story and it's time period, in which the book was written. The original story of Hoffman's, The Nutcracker and the Mouse King  is divided into four chapters, keeping the language simple and elegant words. Tchaikovsky's ballet is divided into two acts, performed silently with graceful and complicated body language. I wanted to write an adaption of my own with three chapters, and a more descriptive storyline. 

So, please read, and enjoy for your entertainment:  THE NUTCRACKER

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