Anarchy of the Mice

Anarchy of the Mice

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Jeff Bond By jeff_bond Completed

"Nibble, nibble. Until the whole sick scam rots through."

When anarchist-hackers the Blind Mice begin crippling the country's worst corporations -- the "Despicable Dozen" -- with web and software attacks, the public yawns. When they blip the power grid and penetrate municipal databases? Annoying but hardly a crisis.

What about murdered executives?

And what if the data disappeared for stock and account balances, property lines, personal ID records ... and never came back?


Molly McGill is fighting it. Her teenage son has come downstairs in a T-shirt from these "hacktivists" dominating the news. Her daughter's bus is canceled -- too many stoplights out -- and school is in the opposite direction of the temp job she's supposed to be starting this morning. She is divorced; her P.I. business went belly-up; seriously, what kind of life is this for a woman a mere twelve credit-hours shy of her PhD?

Then the doorbell rings.

It's Quaid Rafferty, the disgraced (but handsome) ex-governor of Massachusetts, and his partner Durwood Oak Jones, the preeminent small-force private-arms contractors in the Western world. The guys have an assignment for Molly. It's risky, but the pay sure beats switchboard work.

They need her to infiltrate the Blind Mice.

Danger, intrigue, action for miles and even a whiff of romance. Whatever you read, Anarchy of the Mice is coming for you.

cover by Ethan Scott