The New Beginning ✔️

The New Beginning ✔️

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jungkook12345667 By jungkook12345667 Updated Jan 08, 2018

This is the continued book after You make me weak!!!
If you haven't read that book plz do because this is the second book.


Jk: I still love you 

Y/n: I don't care 

Jk: yes you do, I can see it 

Y/n: No I don't! Just go alright, I don't want to hear anything from you.

Jk: If you don't care then why are you crying?


Jk: Why did you do that!

Y/n: don't shout at me I can do whatever I want!

Jk: y/n! I know I deserve this but don't take it too far please.

Y/n: I didn't know what was happening...

Jk: wwhyyy!!!! Y/n why!!! I hate you!!!

Y/n: I didn't do it on purpose, I-I-I'm so--

Jk: Yes you did, you just did that to hurt me!!!

Y/n no I didn't JUNG---NOOOO!!!!!!