God Forge: Forge of the Body (book 2)

God Forge: Forge of the Body (book 2)

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Azteron's Journal:
--21 Firefall, 21201 (Century of the Crooked Moon)

The God Forge Ritual was a failure.
I awoke in my destroyed laboratory, injured and barely hanging on to my soul.
Silvia, my only friend in the world, was nothing but a pile of ash. My son, he was gone entirely, body, mind, and soul. The lifeless body created by the ritual, lay on the floor, nothing but a heap of metal. I believed... I'd failed the world.
This was not true. Upon wielding my scythe, Soul Rupture, I discovered the Philosopher's Stone had left an imprint of its power.
Hope now fills my heart. I can attempt the God Forge Ritual again...and again...and again, if need. I will right what went wrong-Once I figure that out.
All I need are more souls... Yes, those shall not be hard to find, for the entire city of Triden's Gate resides above my head.
Gods, be ready, for I shall create an army if I have to-Your divine world will burn...and every one of you along with it.

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