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Fuck You Better (Narry Storan)

Fuck You Better (Narry Storan)

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Polarize By smiley_miley_ Updated Dec 28, 2016

"He can fuck you good but I can fuck you better."

©Copyright 2015 Smiley_Miley_

cal-pal-nialler cal-pal-nialler Jun 08, 2016
*clears throat then looks at the bible thats on my bed stand* Well damn
Snuggles06 Snuggles06 Feb 01, 2016
Hahaha oh my god I can't! *deep breath*exhale* you can do this Myrre.
Narry_EverAfter Narry_EverAfter Dec 31, 2016
I'm sorry but I find this hilarious like damn niallll swerve
-narrentically -narrentically Dec 27, 2016
This will be me to the brownies I shall make today. I do love brownies
-quenched -quenched May 14, 2016
Niall honey. It's me your mom. You can't just get into a stranger's car and go to their houses. I've raised you better than this young man
respectfuls respectfuls Jul 23, 2016
I slammed by phone down and the my mom smirked at me because she knew I saw something dirty oh my god.