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Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online

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Parrish Hargraves By Kaito_Tokisaki Completed

Based off the hit anime series Sword Art Online here's my little fan fiction I came up with. (I own none of the content from SAO) When reality becomes too much there is only one way to escape it. The answer is Sword Art Online. A young boy named Josh is a beta tester who decided to escape reality for a little while. Everything is going his way until the game turned into reality and the log out button dissapeared. A game becomes reality. Watch your backs because if your HP hits zero then you die not just in the game but in real life. You've been warned.

Aryashadeslay Aryashadeslay Oct 18, 2016
Wait are you saying he was already being better then Kirito?!?!?
PoetaPerdido PoetaPerdido Nov 21, 2015
How lucky that some English to understand what I read (Se leerlo, solo que no se escribirlo :c)
FemRussia FemRussia May 22, 2015
It would hurt to sit IN the floor... XD i think you meant on
BlakeNeckel BlakeNeckel Apr 30, 2015
I thought it was going to be exactly like SAO not some a kid that wishes he was in it
KamizutoKirito KamizutoKirito Feb 20, 2015
:/ Josh for a Japanese fan fiction,out of all the names you chose,you pick "Josh".Original...
Phantom265 Phantom265 Jan 02, 2015
I also have a Sao story. if u want to check it out, that would be cool