Ares' Claim

Ares' Claim

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An Alpha holds the divine authority to lead the land they are born into, it is their birthright for they are Alpha born. The only honorable way for another to claim the land is to directly challenge the Alpha for the title and this is rule is given by the Moon Goddess since the beginning of their world.

But there is an Alpha in the South who does not live by this rule. Nature's instinct is indeed only the strong may rule and this Alpha believes he is the strongest. Consumed for the greed for more, he creates his own rule of honour by claiming the land of others by striking when they least expect it and claiming the land as his own despite how dishonourable this is.

We follow the journey of Scarlett, the second born of the Alpha of the West. When their pack is ambushed unexpectedly by the southern pack she and many others of her pack are taken captive. It is then when she discovers that the southern Alpha is her mate.

She refuses to be claimed by him. He is the reason to why her pack came to such a cruel demise but not only that he has hurt the people that she loves the most. But he makes his intention clear to her, he wants his mate and what he wants he will get.

He uses the leverage of her sisters life over her head, despite this she refuses to accept him, the bond and his way of life. 

Will Scarlett be able to stay the strong wolf she is or will lies, betrayal, tragedy and secrets break her? 

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