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Teilor Kynnedi By TeilorK Updated Mar 02

I know what you prefer.
Skin the color of Kalahari sand,
Loose curly hair that feels like silk,
That type 3 texture
Yes, she is beautiful.
But what about my other sisters?
With skin rich in melanin, 
And crowns of tight coils 
Ignorantly, you degrade them,
And yet they resemble you,
Or mirror the queen who carried you in her womb.

You have been brainwashed by the oppressor
Too see white as pure
And black as corrupt
Free your mind.
Leave the field.
Raid the plantation house. 
See the divide of light and dark.

What a pity it is to be blind to the fact that
Black women, whether light skinned,
Or blue-black 
Are to be praised. 

Do yourself a favor,
Love yourself and your black skin
Before you speak of a revolution.