The Haunting Of Adelene Crawford.

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Sana By insanitywritesx_ Updated 4 years ago
Adelene Crawford was never one of the popular kids at school, she was a loner. But one dare, turned her ordinary life into the complete opposite.
@InSANAty007  haha sure thing! :D ill try to get to it this week pretty busy :/ 
that  was kindaa dumbb .. but okiee i  guess .. still love the story
@adorkablex23 ahhhh! but at the beginning you said something about not very romantic and more to the funny side... anyways post soon!!! :D
o my god how? id he really dead? or is he playing again? post more.
WHAT!?!?!?!? God, and you said it would be funny! not nice :P
@huertamica22 i think she meant corpse like the body of a dead human being :)