Living the Homestuck Life

Living the Homestuck Life

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Becs the Great By RebeccaTabor Updated Apr 22

Based off of the webcomic created by Andrew Hussie, this story takes place on an average world where four teens lived average lives. In the hot city in Texas - Houston, Texas, these four teens will find out that their average lives are no longer ordinary. The fourth wall has been wrecked and these four teens' world has collided with the world of Homestuck. Fictional characters that were created by Andrew Hussie now live in the average teenagers' world. Thinking that it was all fun and games, the teens never felt so wrong. Not believing in the consequences of colliding with a dangerous universe, these teenagers will have to fight for their lives as their world is coming to an end. It is better to try to expect the unexpected, but how unexpected is the "unexpected"? The occurring strings of fate tie these teenagers together in this long tale. These adolescents from the average world will face challenges like trying to find answers behind closed doors, trying to find their true potential, and trying to find their right places. Can Rebecca, Vanessa, Angela, and Spencer be able to beat not only the enemy, but themselves? This tale will be something that a fan will never have dreamed of! Can this all be something that a fan would expect? Can the four kids be able to live the Homestuck life? 

They will not be expecting a really, agonizing long day! 

-Reader is Advised-

Warning: there will be gore, action, and some dramatic scenes that will be written in this story! Some cases may be quite disturbing in future chapters! This is a PG-13 to R-rated fanfiction! In addition, I do understand that there is grammar mistakes and other errors in the writing. All are not intentional! 

**Webcomic has been decided: Official Date -TBA**

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