Sometimes, you just have to fear yourself.
@RiteshKala LOL! It is never ending! I'm back again! LOL I'm going to turn in early today because I slept pretty late last night..or should I say this morning. haha.
@RiteshKala Haha, working on it, it's hard >< Sorry for the short convo today but I'm off to study a bit! (life as a student *sigh*) I'll come back later! :D
@RiteshKala I am so happy today! I SCORED well in my Chemistry! It makes me feel better after that Bio result :P
@Natshane Yes I heard, and now, go study! Failing is not an option, even if these are not your finals!
@Natshane Of course. Not trying to push you to do it sooner, and I know you have your exams too, so you need to concentrate on that first.
@RiteshKala Aye Aye boss! though I'll probably do my thing during the weekend, that is the time where I have the most time to do anything!