Alive [Lirry]

Alive [Lirry]

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ramie By zarrycupcake Updated Nov 29, 2015

❝Don't look back, live your life. Even it's only for tonight.❞

Harry Styles -- famous model and troublemaker -- has a new personal bodyguard who doesn't know how to have fun.

Liam Payne -- professional bodyguard -- has a client who he gladly wants to throttle (only on the third day) rather than to protect from unstable fangirls.

And, when these two get together (for business reasons of course, damn it)... well, you do the math.

Lirry spin-off of Assassin After My Heart.

Winner of the Bromance Awards 2015 - Lirry category

Graphics: @zenmilk

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zarrycupcake zarrycupcake Nov 23, 2014
@HAPPlLYLARRY awh sorry babe! :c i'll be updating tomorrow for sure <3
i keep getting excited bc i think its an update sigh, you're killing me
firefleeting firefleeting Nov 23, 2014
I've read them all and actually fell in love with them (: when you were still writing Nerd Alert! I read it as soon as it updated and then I didn't read AAMH until Nerd Alert! was finished and then I started reading this one :)