Forever HIS

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learex By learex Updated 2 years ago
There I was, waiting.
    I didn’t know exactly what I was waiting for, but I was waiting. 
    I was in the middle of a forest, on all four. I desperately sniffed the air just trying to find a familiar scent, but I came out with nothing. I wanted to run as fast as I could but Julia kept me there, saying they were something I needed to see. Okay, now I was scared. I took a defense pose and waited.
    Out of nowhere a magnificent pure black wolf came out of the woods, not a normal wolf, no a werewolf. I lowered my head in submission, showing I wasn’t a threat.
    This wolf gave me the weirdest look; he looked at me with pure adoration. This wolf slowly started to walk toward me; it was as if he trying not to scare me. The weird thing was I wasn’t scared anymore I felt secure in he’s presence. I slowly walked toward him, and out of nowhere he changed the mood with a furious growl, I whimpered in fear what changed the mood? Now he’s eyes where filled with anger and hate, what did I do?
    Before I could do anything the magnificent wolf lunged at me.
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