Talking Dirty - SasuNaru

Talking Dirty - SasuNaru

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Amber Walker By Hidden_Secrets_67 Updated Jan 13, 2015

Warning - They may say and do things that are "inappropriate" for younger ages - 

Its Boy/Boy - meaning to guys having hot sex. 

If your against this I don't recommend reading. Otherwise Enjoy~

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Dark_Hollow_Soul Dark_Hollow_Soul May 01, 2017
This sounds like my friends when someone says I'm innocent 😂😂😂😂😂
Gaysattacking Gaysattacking Jul 24, 2017
I read a lot of smut in my pass time but not like this....I should say detailed because trust me I think I blushed at least 5 times while reading this 
                              Good job 👏🏽
Levi_Ackerman____ Levi_Ackerman____ Dec 29, 2017
I'm still readuing this in the car with my dad next to me XD Jesus kill me
Jad3Th3Kitt3n Jad3Th3Kitt3n Jul 22, 2016
I wonder if Naruto got them from Jiraiya before he died or if Sasuke got them from Orochimaru because I don't doubt that they did
LeahNarciso LeahNarciso Oct 13, 2016
That's right Naruto will always be the sexy, adorably cute(don't know if that word Exist) uke.