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Don't Cry Wolf

Don't Cry Wolf

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Shervon Pasqualli By ShervonPasqualli Completed

Amelia is a zoologist, who has to attend her sister Pamala's wedding. So she flys to Alaska, hoping to change her sister's mind about marrying a man she barely knows. Everything changes when she gets to Alaska and meets Seth, who makes her heart do crazy flips and puts her libido into overdrive. Then she's kidnapped by a red-headed man who turns out is a vampire and rescued by another who happens to be a werewolf. That's not all, her sister and everyone around her happens to be werewolves too. How much supernatural surprises can  one girl handle. And why can't she shake this feeling of belonging.

Seth was born an Alpha Prince. Who abandoned his home the day his father, killed his mother. Taking refuge in his uncle's pack as a beta. Seth learns that true leadership meant serving one's people not one's self as his father did.
 He finds a mate within the pack only to lose her the night of their mating ceremony. Nearly going insane after years of unfulfilled revenge, Seth is saved by the arrival of the beautiful, Amelia. Her passionate nature warms Seth's cold heart as he recognizes what she means to him. But claiming her comes at a price and the threats of the past will soon come crashing down around them. Leaving Seth no choice but to become the Alpha he was born to be.

I've never seen Pamela spelled Pamala. I can't look away lol
snhreader snhreader May 25
Totally mixed up the words in your last sentence and read it as, "Please don't enjoy Cry Wolf," and I was so confused as to why an author would say that lmao.
jENNIE68 jENNIE68 Dec 03, 2016
I'm loving this book so much, that I'm reading it a second time after reading the new update Good God, girl, my husband can't get home fast enough Yummy!
rogerandcheyanne rogerandcheyanne Oct 16, 2016
It's all good no matter whether it's short or not.  I am still going to read it.  :)
lisacldmom2ksd lisacldmom2ksd Nov 23, 2016
Sounds good so far! Already liking the heroin so far. She's right "who marries someone in that sort of time". Also kind of sad that her sister sort of ignored her for a man. So what if he has a secret life. Doesn't mean forget or neglect your only sister.
TheComplexHeroine TheComplexHeroine Dec 14, 2016
I like that the setting will be taking place in Alaska. A full fledged werewolf novel with no Vampires!! Yayy!! Lol, I'm kidding I'm kidding I like Vampires (but they're overrated sometimes) 
                              This will be Greatness!
                              Werewolves here we come!! ;-)