The Lycan Prince

The Lycan Prince

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batman_iff By batman_iff Updated Dec 05, 2018

He suddenly pushes me against the wall as fast as the Flash. However my back hits the wall very softly. My breath hitches in my throat and my eyes bulge out of my pockets. The timid, shy and reserved guy that I knew is now no more. Instead of him there's a powerful, handsome and scary man standing right in front of me. 

"What's gotten into you, Luca!?" I shout trying to get away from his hold but I am failing at that job. His hands rest on both the sides of my face and his lips curl into a devilish smile. He leans in dangerously close and I turn my face so that I don't have to look in his steely eyes.  "Get back before I kick you in your nuts!" I warn but what I get in return is his loud, heart racing laugh. 

"Oh tesoro," He leans into my neck and literally sniffs me, "You don't know how long I had to wait for us to be this close,"  

I visibly gulp and I feel him smile against my skin, "I-I'll tell  Ajax. And you know how brutal he can be." He then suddenly growls. He growled, like a freaking wolf! What is he!? 

"He won't be breathing if he stepped near you again, amore." I gasp as his teeth graze my neck and I grab his shirt for support. And then I finally gather up the courage to look at him. 

And the sight before my eyes was enough for me to faint. 


Lilith Fray Dogars, more commonly known as Lily by her friends, is a bad ass human female; someone that you don't wish to mess with. Her entire high school life she was popular for bullying the bullies. A rebel, who has find her solace with a tight group of friends and her boyfriend Ajax. 

Luca Matvei Alessandro, more commonly known as the Lycan Prince to the entire werewolves, is a powerful, dangerous and mysterious man. No one dares to cross paths with him. Having a tight group of Lycan friends, the only thing he's waiting for is his Erasthai. 

And when he finds her, all hell breaks loose.

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you-dont-see-me you-dont-see-me Jun 04, 2018
I called it!!! Lol I bet he wasn't actually getting bullied, he was faking.
SwaggMaster101 SwaggMaster101 Apr 30, 2018
                              Noooooo!!!! 😩😩😩😫😫😫😫
Sassico1313 Sassico1313 May 15, 2018
Mom's can’t be warm and dad’s can’t be loving, I guess
fangirl9061963666 fangirl9061963666 Apr 30, 2018
Zeus? That's ur god of justice? Cheating right and left on Hera and that's ur god of justice. How about the actual goddess of justice or an Olympian that's closer.
                              Sorry but I had to do my duty as a demigod😂
Myst3rious_Female Myst3rious_Female Jun 04, 2018
I think I'm going to like this story because the human is already in love
Tyisawkward Tyisawkward Dec 08, 2018
First book where the boyfriend is actually really nice and im actually kinda jealous