Keeping Him Sane (An Add x Reader Story)

Keeping Him Sane (An Add x Reader Story)

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Ōkami Amaterasu By WinterWolf1377 Completed

This story doesn't follow the anime or game storyline exactly. It is just a nice story about Add and the reader. How many of these do you actually see around? 

What if Add never went to the future when he did? What if the library that he was trapped in never collapsed? What if he was able to find his way out of the library only to be obligated to return to it? If that caught your interest, then this is the book for you.

She was quite lost and had very little recollection of her own memories. It was in this state of being that she found him. Well, more like he found her. 

Also I don't own Add or any of the other Elsword characters or anything else that KOG Sudios or KOG Games own or any of the Elsword stuff. I only own some of the plot and original ideas.