A Summer With You///Matt H.

A Summer With You///Matt H.

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GalraKen By FallenKen Updated Dec 19, 2017

Just two weeks with five strangers and my best friend... nothing bad can happen right? RiGHt!?

Pidge invited her friend for a summer vacation far off the grid. It seemed like a good idea, so the plan was set. The thing Pidge forgot to mention was the five other people joining them on this trip. (Y/N), being weary from her long travel to the vacation spot is suddenly brought to a hyperactive state, and is constantly on edge with these strangers.

With no way to leave, except a eight hundred mile swim, they're forced to get along with the strangers.

But you never know who you'll end up meeting in a couple weeks.

  • garret
  • gunderson
  • holt
  • hunk
  • keith
  • kogane
  • lance
  • matt
  • mcclain
  • pidge
  • shiro
  • shirogan
  • takashi
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