The Neighbors (bxb) *COMPLETE*

The Neighbors (bxb) *COMPLETE*

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NotYourEnemy By NotYourEnemy Completed

Hey wassup guys! This is actually my first time writing a bxb. Actually, my first time writing a story. So uhh, forgive me if it's bad.

I'll try to include more 'smexy scenes' in my other stories (if i'm working on one).

Also, for those who don't know what's bxb, it actually means a homosexual relationship between two boys. So if you're not into stuff like that, i suggest it's best if you leave.

For the rest, do comment and vote if you like it, and hope you enjoy it!

Thanks peeps!


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Loloboom Loloboom Mar 14
I love ke$ha's song tik tok! I jumped up and down and yelled yaaassssss I love that mother trucking song! My brother said shut up and everyone else just look at me like I was a hybrid
BrooklynIH BrooklynIH Mar 21
Let’s take a moment of silence for those who have no speck of common sense. I think I suffered from secondhand stupidity and lost a few brain cells.
hioppenda hioppenda Mar 25
“punch the gayness out of you”? yep, it’s official. 
                              that is the greatest thing i have ever heard. #husbando
Naddams Naddams Feb 18
I literally screamed yes after I read this and my siblings gave me the wtf look
Peace200215 Peace200215 Apr 16
That is not my mom that is by sister if she is whisper she is talking normal
johny1332 johny1332 May 01
That's what you get when you go to someone's house and kiss them.