The Neighbors (bxb) *COMPLETE*

The Neighbors (bxb) *COMPLETE*

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NotYourEnemy By NotYourEnemy Completed

Hey wassup guys! This is actually my first time writing a bxb. Actually, my first time writing a story. So uhh, forgive me if it's bad.

I'll try to include more 'smexy scenes' in my other stories (if i'm working on one).

Also, for those who don't know what's bxb, it actually means a homosexual relationship between two boys. So if you're not into stuff like that, i suggest it's best if you leave.

For the rest, do comment and vote if you like it, and hope you enjoy it!

Thanks peeps!


                              BOYS TRYING ON MY CLOTHES CLOTHES
                              BLAH BLAH (I forgot what comes next😂..are those even the right lyrics??)
Why is the gay guy always named Jamie??😂😂😂😂😂😂
OH MY GOSH THAT'S MY MOM. She's from a really loud family, and I hate it when people talk really loud😒😭😂
quackmeback quackmeback Jun 19
I find it really funny that whenever a song I like is mentioned in a story I read it automatically gets stuck in my head without even listening to it
ilovelemontea ilovelemontea Feb 24, 2014
It's good for a first try! Keep it up! Upload more if you can?:)