The Isles of Gracidea | Pokémon Fanfiction

The Isles of Gracidea | Pokémon Fanfiction

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☁️ By Cora-chan Completed

In a world full of floating islands, sky pirates, exiled magicians, and Pokémon, peace is difficult to maintain.

Shaymin, kind Pokémon who'd guided travelers once man learned how to fly, were hunted to extinction for their Gracideas: magical flowers said to bring grand fortune. Since their disappearance, everything in Caelum has begun to fall apart. With natural disasters destroying the land, powerful criminals seeking revenge on the innocent, and countries preparing to go war, hope is all but lost.

Runaway pirate August Gold has done the unthinkable and stolen the last known Shaymin from the infamously vicious Captain Calico. In an attempt to become wealthy quickly, August will accidentally uncover the mystery behind the isles' destruction. After all, one doesn't escape the life of magic and piracy that easily.


✩ Pokémon Watty Awards 2019 ✩
-1st Place in the Adventure category 
-Most Polished Prose
-Best Depiction of Setting
-Pushing Boundaries