Still bestfriends? Chapter 1: First Meeting

Still bestfriends? Chapter 1: First Meeting

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Yan By ZeYanDT Updated May 11, 2012

Hey!, This is my first story uhm. this is related with me and my EX bestfriend or formal?.. I dont know.  I will be sharing it. :) hope you'll enjoy :)

So this is about me and my bestfriend Nikki, we're bestfriends for 2 years already and we have experienced a lot of adventures that affected our friendship.We cherish one another well, I was the one who usually protects Nikki, nikki is like my little sister who needs some guidance Because she was like a little childish. Now, I have my own new group of bestfriends,so does Nikki. We even have a cute nickname w/ eachother.. "Mhine". This is inspired from the tagalog song Mhine of republikan. We've been apart since she go on a vacation and when she came back here without even hanging out with me.. To know why this happen lets start from the day we first met..

Me: "*aaah* summer vacations over! Cant wait to meet some new friends! Better hurry or I'll be late for the bus.."

So, this is Me, My name is Kate my first day as a new 6th grader i...

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