Absolute Zero

Absolute Zero

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S. A. Lusher By S_A_Lusher Completed

The fourth novel in The Shadow Wars.

Trent Stone and Drake Winters are best friends, brothers-in-arms, and career mercenaries. After a particularly dangerous job, they head to an isolated space station for a bit of rest and relaxation. But their vacation gets cut short as a mysterious man in a business suit and a hulking woman in body armor show up, offering them the job of a lifetime.

The pay is incredible. They'll have access to whatever they want: guns, gear, armor. The only catch is that their job will take them, and a team of highly trained mercenaries, to the edge of known space, to a frozen world housing a mysterious research outpost.

What will they do when they get there? The man hiring them refuses to say. But something is waiting for them, out there in the darkness, something of ancient, immense power...

  • action
  • horror
  • monsters
  • sciencefiction
  • scifi