Please Remember (BTS Fanfic Completed)

Please Remember (BTS Fanfic Completed)

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lovingseoul By lovingseoul Completed

What the mind forgets can only be remembered by the heart.
But the heart can not remember all the time.
Your broken heart, the broken promise.
Can you still do it for her?


This is my first BTS fanfic :)
Hopefully you will read this ^^

I will try not put any 'Korean' terms or any term that KPOP fans use so that anybody can read and appreciate and understand it :)

Ppyong ♡

*started around June, ended around October 2014? lol

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CRFu3789 CRFu3789 Jan 15
Words. Millions of words fly all around you. But when you don’t understand them, things get hard. Will you break through that limit or get crushed by the limit that surrounds you? -Out Of My Mind
lovingseoul lovingseoul Apr 06, 2016
Yes! I think I've said before I won't include a Korean term here. Sadly, I did. Haha! But only a few. This was originally only a one-shot so I used Ahjussi and forgot to change it. Sorry XD
turtleval turtleval Feb 09, 2017
Read the first sentence already know im gonna be voting through the whole story
AlizaKazmixxx AlizaKazmixxx Mar 19, 2016
Wait I read something like before a girl and jin best friends but he doesn't remember her and she stole something and he paid the shop person who was chasing her. Was that this book or another book?
yoongiinfiresme yoongiinfiresme Jan 03, 2016
How has no one commented about Jin being called a princess?lol
-juanncock -juanncock Dec 29, 2015