Getting It Straight

Getting It Straight

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Freesia Lockheart By crossroad Completed

Fiona Pearce is the kind of girl who can never say no to anyone. As long as she can do something to help out, she'll do it in a heartbeat.

So when her father faces a problem and asks for her help to find her missing brother, Finn, in a school where he works at, she's more than willing to extend a hand and go the extra mile. She sets off on a journey to find the missing boy in a population of a four hundred and sixty-five.

The only problem is, Corner Stone High School is not just an ordinary high school.

It is an exclusive school... for boys.

Will she find him? Or will she be found out? And as she gets things straight, will something unexpected happen? Tossing the coin of luck and fate, she ventures to find the answers herself.

FullofFire FullofFire Aug 03, 2016 04:41PM
The song in the trailer is beautiful! I wonder what the song was though.
taydreamer_22 taydreamer_22 May 07, 2016 09:12PM
Does no one realise that the authors surname is LOCKHART????chasing red????no one??okayyyyy thennnn
universexy universexy Apr 14, 2016 03:24PM
okay so am i the only one who when sees the brother and sister called finn and fiona thinks of adventure time with finn and jake + cake and fiona... no? just me okay
sexualcoco sexualcoco Jun 24, 2016 06:38PM
Trailer was awesome .might ask u guys to PM a few spoiler but then knowing the wattpad FAM ur replies are gonna be "nope read it your self ,it a nice book get the experience " the suspension is probably going to kill me .
littleVixen_98 littleVixen_98 Apr 14, 2016 10:12PM
Um..can someone tell me the name of the song in the trailer... Plzz
WishThatWasMe WishThatWasMe Feb 19, 2016 12:09PM
I haven't come back to read a book again so quickly♥♥♥♥