Sage & Paige

Sage & Paige

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Lyric By lyric__m Updated May 28

Sage : introverted

Paige : extroverted

Sage : depressed 

Paige : less depressed 

Sage : loves to read 

Paige : hates to read 

Sage : has a crush on Paige 

Paige : has no idea Sage exists really. 

Sage : post anonymous on a blog everyday 

Paige : created the anonymous blog that Sage uses every day. But she has no idea that it's Sage.

Paige & Sage : Each of them live their own separate lives until something happens, and they both post about it. They  both read the others post and realize that they are just different accounts of what happened. 

Sage & Paige : They privately chat each other all night just to make sense of what happened. Over time they fine comfort in each other. Although, what will happen when Paige suggests they meet up and talk face to face.

  • bisexual
  • deression
  • girlxgirl
  • happy
  • pansexual