Lost and Found [Spain x Reader]

Lost and Found [Spain x Reader]

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Antonio Carriedo is the one and only Prince of Spain, and he has everything he's ever wanted.  Almost.  He's never been able to see the world outside of the palace before.  He longs to experience the un-royal life that he never had.

His cousin Lovino, however, lost the one thing that was dear to him and is determined to get it back, no matter what the stakes might be.  So when he gets a lead on his brother, who's been missing for over a year, he's ready to take a chance.

(y/n) is just a serving girl in a local bar, trying to make a living to support her and her friend, who she found beaten up in an alleyway just over a year ago.  When she finds out that he's been hiding a big secret from her and needs her help, she's willing to go to the ends of the Earth to help him.

What could possibly go wrong?

I am now learning Spanish from one fanfic.
                              *Victimised of looking up most of the Spanish sentences via google translate*
littlesmigg littlesmigg Apr 22
lANgUaGe, yOuNg CHilD~ actually, it’s Lovi you cant stop his ass from swearing
No hablo español, no tengo idea de lo que dice nadie aquí.
littlesmigg littlesmigg Apr 22
I read that as “to explore the vast lands of this kingdom!”
littlesmigg littlesmigg Apr 22
And Y/n’s gonna notice him and go “oOOH, Sorella! LOOK AT THAT HAWT THING OVER THERE!”
_Kny__ _Kny__ Nov 06, 2017
Of course he has,  he is sPAIN :3
                              Ill show myself out now :'3