A Dangerous Dare(ON HOLD for the main time)

A Dangerous Dare(ON HOLD for the main time)

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I_am_sassy😒 By Dharmiebae Updated Apr 25, 2018

"You have to be nice with those people.You don't know them like i do Kylie.Please don't cross them"Cass pleaded.

"Like hell i won't,if they come looking for trouble,oooh i am so gonna give them"Kylie replied.

Cass gave a huge grin at what would make Kylie give in.
Kylie gasped. "You wouldn't Cass"
She knew that look.
Cass leaned towards her and said that 3 letters words that Kylie would never back down from.
"I dare you."

A dare is all it takes to make Kylie Smith's life miserable 

If not taking shit from anybody and ruining anybody's life if they gets on her bad side and not backing away from a dare even if it endagers her life makes a bad girl,then you meet the baddest girl ever known.

Kylie Smith finds herself in a new school where her best friends attends.
Surrounding her are her least favourite people:
Bad boys,bullies and sluts 
Normally she would always give their likes "a piece of her mind"

But a dare is an obstacle on her path.
And Kylie finds herself frustrated.

What would she do??

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