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The Boyfriend Games (slowly editing; grammar issues)

The Boyfriend Games (slowly editing; grammar issues)

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Vanessa By PurplePillow Updated Nov 02, 2012

Every year, the girls assemble in the music room. The boys don't have a clue about what happens in there. But, it is the history of the school- The Boyfriend Games. Three girls from each level, from sophomores to seniors would get picked to participate. They would be assigned a boy in their school, and their goal was to make him fall in love with them. What made it hard was the distractions and the fact that the boy chosen would be the opposite of the girl. Emerald has been lucky for the last two years, but when her name is pulled out, she knows she's in deep shit. The boy assigned to her? Blake Richards. He is her worst nightmare, and the biggest player in their school. People say that he goes through girls like a man that was in a desert for a week goes through water.

wbyyenshen wbyyenshen 3 days ago
Happy Boyfriend Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor. (Emerald sounds like a District 1 girl lmao)
wbyyenshen wbyyenshen 3 days ago
Her prep team sorry i cant stop relating this to thg😂🖤
What about the gay girls. They have to participate? Cuz in high schools, there are always at least 2-3. (My school has like 15 who are out, at least include some)
I love stalking my crush
                              When I had one. On the sports Carnaval day for our school I saw him mixed with a large group of ppl and I somehow always knew were he was. I know i am weird
ConorDawnay ConorDawnay Nov 06, 2016
is the announcer claudis templesmith?? and is there a cornicopia whith beuty products
stalecheetopuffs stalecheetopuffs Dec 26, 2016
i'd be so lazy if i were organizing this, i'd literally just have three cups with 10, 11, and 12 on them lol