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Seeking Hope

Seeking Hope

4.1K Reads 69 Votes 12 Part Story
Emily By emilywritesx Updated Jan 08, 2012

Mike Adams is a regular 16 year old guy who is popular around others and has it all. Not only are his parents successful, he is also rich and lives in the city of New York. Just as he and his father thought everything was perfect, his mother wanted to try something different. Something smaller. So him and his mom packed up their things and left a widely known state into a small, populated town 2 hours outside of Chicago. Mike meets up with Claire Daniels and defines her interesting and tries to get to know her better. He figures out that she is the quiet type and loner at school - well, anywhere - and he wants to change that, so both of them team up and work together. There will be struggles along the way, the ups and the downs, the good and the ugly. Would there friendship become better or even worse? Could some sort of relationship form between two complete opposites? Find out as Claire is seeking hope.

emilywritesx emilywritesx Jun 24, 2011
@katrocks247 @TacosAreBeast @NoTearsLeftToFall thanks for the support guys! @ozgirl i know. i realized that like 3 weeks ago when i as fixing it up on my word doc, this is just a draft copy, all for fun :)
ozgirl ozgirl Jun 23, 2011
In the sentence "Were rich" there should be a '  as "We're rich"
emilywritesx emilywritesx Jun 17, 2011
@tianajade thanks so much for the support and feedback! :) x @arose13 thank you :D @forever_new thanks! :D well being nice is the key :) thanks sweet heart! x @joylover617 thats what i was aiming for :) thank you @PastelSweethearts awesome! :D thanks x
arose13 arose13 Jun 14, 2011
i like it :)!!! it is intriguing and makes people want to read more. awesome job!!!! 
forever_new forever_new Jun 14, 2011
It is good so far, I dont normally reply to people asking me to read their books ( on my old account ) but you were really nice and sweet ... How could I resist? LOL 
joylover617 joylover617 Jun 14, 2011
Wow!! And you said Im good!!!This is very logicc and awesome to read and like @taraniamh said it makes you think!!Really Really nice!!Your better than my story!