A Hustler's Daughter (BOOK 2)

A Hustler's Daughter (BOOK 2)

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RavenBryanna By RavenBryanna Updated Jun 28, 2012

After cheating death two times at a young age, guns has never been a scare to me. My mother and father were both hustlers trying to keep. me away from the streets, but when they're both murdered, I had no other choice but to stray away to survive.

I know they loved me and I'll give anything to hear them say it again. 

The name's Kaila and I guess you can say the apple didn't fall too far from the tree.

mshilton2u mshilton2u Jul 18, 2016
I am from Alabama also, so what if we sound different. Keep doing your thing😉
ed2wfu ed2wfu Nov 20, 2015
Incredible work. There's so much here. Keep on writing! I found myself living the story in my mind's eye.
qveenkxxper qveenkxxper Dec 17, 2014
Iightt talking bout hide and seek it finna be Hide nd Clap from the comjuring
CorlissMason0 CorlissMason0 Feb 18, 2014
                              I don't really feel author's note & I barely read them keep up the good work and me & most of my family is from ALABAMA
Amour_valentino Amour_valentino Feb 13, 2014
since it said book 2 i thought it was a series so i spent foooorrrever trying to find the first book n then there wasnt one. im so mad at you hmph!
Creative_Notebook89 Creative_Notebook89 Jan 21, 2014
I hope nothing happens to Grandma or grandpa ...you from Alabama ... Aye Me too tu lol Bama on the map when I see ppl from Bama I get happy I don't meet many