The Corpsewood

The Corpsewood

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Finn Marigold By FinnyH Completed

[Historical Horror/Short Story] When two scientists are found impaled out on the ancient hills of Dartmoor, "Jack", a young man on his own misguided path, leaves London in search of morbid significance in his colleagues' deaths. 

Staying the night in a worn out inn where time stops making sense and objects move on their own, "Jack" writes home to his sweetheart in a desperate attempt to understand what is happening to him, and why he's forgetting his own name.

When twisted dreams and visions of corpses begin proving all too much for him, "Jack" learns a little too late that somebody had set the stage for his downfall long ago. 


This short story is set in 1884. 

Featured in the "Jack" Anthology hosted by Wattpad Stars @ShaunAllan and @GregCarrico.