Take Care    (book 5 in The Droplet Series)

Take Care (book 5 in The Droplet Series)

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The Droplet Story By TheDropletStory Updated Dec 17, 2017

Steve got back home at James after the incidents that happened at Sebastian.  There is still danger awaiting them. James won't eat because of the fear, the memories of everything that happened....
Steve has those visuals, voices that tell him to kill...
Sebastian isn't catched... And the droplet bottle.. nobody knows where it is. The world isn't safe.. but all we focus on is the little life of a few guys who met each other out of tragedy.

book 5 in the droplet series.
You can step it from book 4 (on this account) or go all the way and start on book 1 which is on @WeightObsessed account. (you can find them in the readiglist on my account)